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Burundi At A Glance

Located in Central-East Africa, Burundi's border with Rwanda is on the North, DRC to the west and Tanzania to the south-east. Burundi is a pivotal country between Francophone Africa and Anglophone Africa and lies between Central Africa and East Africa. With a population of about 10.4 million, Burundi is an independant republic, sovereign, secular, democratic and multi-unit. Its capital is Bujumbura. Its flag consists of three symbolic colors: white for peace, red for love of the homeland and green for the hope. Agriculture includes food crops (mainly dominated by banana, tubers, pulses and cereals) cash crops (coffee, the tea plant, cotton, oil palm, sugar cane and tobacco), vegetables (cabbage, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, amaranth, can, peppers, celery, etc.) and fruit (avocado, mango, papaya and lemon, guava, pineapple, passion) forage crops (beans, but potatoes, corcase, sweet potatoes, etc.)