National Symbols & Holidays

The Republic of Burundi
National Symbols & Holidays

National Symbols

Burundi’s national symbols include the following: the lion, the flag, the drum, the national anthem Burundi Bwacu, the coat of arms and the motto (Unity, Work, Progress).


Burundi’s Independence Day is celebrated on the 1st of July and commemorates the independence of the Republic of Burundi from Belgian rule. In addition, the government recognizes the main holidays from the Catholic Church (Assumptions, Ascensions, All Saints Day and Christmas) and the New Year. A person from another religion may take a day off for one of their celebrations. In 2005, the government discussed and decided that the Eid al-Fitr, a Muslim celebration, shall be a public holiday for everybody. This marks an attempt by the government to reconcile all religious groups in the country.

Next to the abovementioned days off, on February 5th the Unity Day is celebrated. The 13th October marks the anniversary of Prince Rwagasore´s assassination and on the 21st October it is the anniversary of the Ndadaye Presiddent assassination.